For anyone who lives for their passion, the inspiration can usually be traced back to childhood. For Daniel Brand, the acclaimed Pretoria-based ceramicist specialising in Nerikomi ceramics, it started in early childhood. “I grew up on my mother’s studio floor,” he recalls. “We lived in this old house where she converted the horse stables into her work space. I literally sat and played with dolosse while she worked.”

Daniel Brand in the Studio

Initially, however, Daniel’s life took a rather different turn. He worked in the IT and finance sectors for most of his career until health complications led to a much-needed lifestyle change. At first, this took the form of graphic design, but when he took up his mother’s craft of ceramics as a form of therapy, he no longer wanted to do anything else. Before he knew it, his work started winning awards and his ceramic career began to pick up at a steady pace.